Integrating Salesforce

Log in to your Reputation Shielder account. Locate “Locations” -> “My Businesses” then click the blue eye. Locate the SalesForce icon  and click the  “Integrate” button. You will be redirected to SalesForce where it will ask for permissions to access your SalesForce account. Configuration: Invitations/Month – Select how many invites you would like our platform […]

Integrating Google Messaging

Getting Started with Google Messaging Login to your Google business account at : There you will see this image below: Click “turn on messaging”   Enter in a valid mobile number or RepTalkie number A confirmation code will follow and you will be required to enter that into Google. If you’re using RepTalkie the […]

Integrating Facebook

To Integrate Facebook for each location ensure you have the location you want selected. Click “Location” on the navigation pane on the left. Then select the “blue eye” of which location you would like to integrate Facebook for. Locate the “Facebook” line and click “Integrate” You will be re-directed to Facebook Please enter in credentials […]

How do I upload my own logo image?

White labeling, as we call it is available on our platform Our white labeling gives you total control over your platform where you can upload your own images, control your locations and employees as you would have with the regular non-white labeled account. To get started on a white label platform please speak with one […]