How do I cancel my subscription?

Please notify us 30 days prior to cancellation that you wish to cancel your subscription. We are sad to see you go, so please give us another chance to make things right! Contact us immediately at

Recurring Payments

Recurring payments is agreed upon in your original term in the agreement that was signed.  If there are any issues with your recurring payments you may contact  Otherwise, after your expiry your renewals are automatically renewed by the system for an initial term of one (1) year. You may also cancel anytime, please view […]

Manual Payment Methods

Manual payments such as cash or cheques are currently not accepted at this time. We are working on a solution though!

Billing information

Please ensure when inputting your credit card details that your billing information matches the address where the statements are being sent. In your dashboard you will see on the left side a button for “Billing” please click that to access your billing portal. Then you will be show your billing portal where you can make […]

How do I update my credit card?

In your billing section of the dashboard you have the ability to modify, edit, change any billing details as they arise. Once you click on the billing in your dashboard you will be brought to your billing portal where you can makes changes to an existing credit card.

Using my credit

All types of credit cards are accepted by our merchant services. If you have any issues please contact us. Otherwise billing can be accessed on the left hand side of our platform under billing. You will see a billing screen where you can enter for your credit card below: The next screen is where you […]