Account Settings

Integrating Salesforce

Log in to your Reputation Shielder account. Locate “Locations” -> “My Businesses” then click the blue eye. Locate the SalesForce icon  and click the  “Integrate” button. You will be redirected to SalesForce where it will ask for permissions to access your SalesForce account. Configuration: Invitations/Month – Select how many invites you would like our platform […]

Integrating Facebook

To Integrate Facebook for each location ensure you have the location you want selected. Click “Location” on the navigation pane on the left. Then select the “blue eye” of which location you would like to integrate Facebook for. Locate the “Facebook” line and click “Integrate” You will be re-directed to Facebook Please enter in credentials […]

Goal Setting

Aren’t having goals always important? So in this tutorial we will help you set some goals. Here’s how you can set your goal: Step 1. Please locate the location button on the left navigation pane. Step 2. Locate the “eye” and click the button. Step 3. Click on “Update Goal” Step 4. Set your goal […]

Updating or Changing Profile

Here’s how you can update and/or change your profile. At the top right please click your icon. Then you will be shown your profile page where you can make the necessary changes.  

Changing Password

There are two ways to access your account to change your password. You may access “Security” settings at the top right. OR On the left hand navigation pane you can access “Settings” -> “Change Password” Where you will be take to your account password page to change the password. Input your old password in the […]

Enter valid email/phone error

  Error: Enter valid email/phone Solution: Please ensure the email or phone number you are entering are valid and no blank spaces after it.

‘To’ Error

If you are receiving an error similar to below. The ‘To’ number [Email] is not a valid phone number. It is because there is a leading space infront of the email or phone number you are inputting. SOLUTION: Please ensure there are no blank spaces when inputting the email or phone number.